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A Brief History of LCCA Convention Volunteer Cars

History of LCCA Volunteers Cars - The First Car offered in 2011

The LCCA has always had a gift for those members who signed up as a volunteer convention staff.  Since the earliest conventions back when local members offered to host a convention and when the membership was asked to vote for convention site, those who hosted it received a gift from the LCCA for their efforts for planning and for running the event.  Earlier conventions were three-day affairs, with the forth day in the form of a Get Acquainted Party added in 1990 Fort Collins.  During the Saturday Evening Convention Banquet, volunteers received the LCCA Convention Car of that year for their efforts. Conventions were in general becoming longer and bigger activities making it difficult for individual members to plan and implement such a large event.  

By 1995, the LCCA introduced its Convention Team approach of using officers and appointed officials.  Specifics like hotel negotiations and event contracts like train rides were better addressed by experienced LCCA staff rather than start fresh with each new convention.  While the planning of the convention and its tours were handled centrally, volunteers were still needed to support the actual convention.  Thus started the LCCA Convention Volunteers, attendee members who offer to volunteer, most year after year, for multiple conventions. The practice of gifting the current year LCCA Convention Car continued and each year, convention volunteers received the car.

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 Dallas Texas 2011 Window Car - Little Star
             Dallas Texas 2011 Window Car - Big Star

Dallas 2011 Convention

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Norfolk Swimming Mermaid Box Car

Part 3 - October 1989

Reprint Here


Chattanooga Choo Choo Box Car 

Part 4 - December
Reprint Here

Indianapolis Monon Box Car with Monon Ticket Jacket

Part 5 - February 1990

Reprint Here


Boston Strong Box Car

Part 6 - April 1990

Reprint Here


Kansas City Volunteer Car

Part 7 - June 1990

Reprint Here


Black Wood Chip Car

Part 8 - August 1990
Reprint Here

Chicago Northwestern Box Car

Part 9 - October 1990

Reprint Here


  Reno Box Car          

Part 10 - December 1990

Reprint Here


Omaha UP Volunteer Box Car

Part 11 - August 1991
Reprint Here

No Volunteer Car Made - Scranton Convention Rescheduled for 2025 

Part 12 - October 1991

Reprint Here


 The Volunteer Car for Nashville has not been reveled, but it is expected to have a musical theme.

Part 13 - December 1992

Reprint Here