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Replay Lionel's July 15, 2021 Virtual Online summit for LCCA Members

If you missed this year's exclusive Lionel, LLC sponsored Virtual Online Summit for LCCA members, it can be viewed in its entirety now from this link.  or click on the image below.


To see the Lionel 2021 Volume 2 Catalog Click Here

This Lionel video starts out with an introduction by Mike Phillips and followed by an exceptional "Family" video.   Lionel CEO Howard Hitchcock spoke about our 2 year Covid delay and connected via ZOOM with LCCA President Harry Hampson.  This was followed by a brief overview about the "state of the business".  Discussions expanded to new products emphasizing Bluetooth technology.  These new features are available to all prior Bluetooth product released.  The program advanced to a surprise announcement by Lionel that some of the tooling from MTH going out of business has been purchased by Lionel and these tools will be used to offer new Lionel engines tools in the Lionel 2021 Volume 2 Catalog.  Following this, a summary description was given of the 2021 Catalog Volume 2 product.

Lionel 2021 Volume II Catalog will be on-line July 16, 2021. Click Here for the Lionel 2021 Volume 2 catalog 

This YouTube video link was first shown exclusively to LCCA members on July 15, one day prior to its published release on July 16