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LCCA – Special Edition – LCCA’s Video Series Adds its Seventh Segment

The LCCA’s Secretary, Andy Dubill (RM 40209) has continued recording informative videos for our membership which you’ll find both entertaining and helpful.  The club values our members and we want them to use all of the many benefits the club has to offer.  Andy is in contact with our membership on a daily basis, handling a myriad of questions about the club, its products, special events, conventions, etc.  After more than three years on the job, Andy felt it would be helpful to share more information about the club and its benefits in a video format.  Enlisting the help of the club’s Photographer and Videographer, Ed Richter, Andy has completed the initial series of short videos introducing many of the LCCA’s benefits and programs to both longtime members and those who have just joined.  The first seven videos will serve to peel back the first layers of how to effectively use your LCCA membership.  All you need to do is follow the link below to see video 7 where Andy shares information about additioan LCCA Member Benefits.  With seven (7) videos now released, stand by as more videos in the series come your way.  And a special Thank You to Andy and Ed for their work on this special project!

The new 7th video has been added on our video story page (Click Here) where you can review our first six videos and of course view Video #7 - Additional LCCA Member Benefits

Introduction Video #7 - Important LCCA Benefits for Members!

In this video Andy shares information about several benefits that our members enjoy by belonging to the LCCA. The most popular benefit is the Lionel Catalog that is mailed to members in the United States and Canada by Lionel LLC.  Members will learn why it is important to pay their dues on time so they do not miss a catalog. (See also a web story Click Here). Also discussed is the 10% discount on Lionel products through the Online Store and the annual Lionel Parts Sale which takes place each Fall.  We also highlight the annual Fall Lionel Warehouse Sale for those members in the vicinity of the Lionel Warehouse in Concord North Carolina.  We encourage all members to list their email address in their LCCA Club Record so they will receive up to date details (dates, times and last-minute instructions) about these and other Special Events.

We also want to hear from YOU

We also want to hear from you, our members.  So, once you see the videos, please let Andy know specific areas of the LCCA about which you might like to know more.  Andy will work with our leadership team to see if we might add additional topics.  You can reach Andy at email address

Thank you for your continued support of “The Best Toy Train Club on the Planet!” ™

Sal Gambino  (HM-12681) - LCCA President